Sony CDP-501ES

Sony CDP-501ES

SKU: 0850-100-011

Second ES series CD player from 1983

  • Description

    From the end of 1983, this unit is the second Sony CD player from the ES series.
    It succeeds the CDP-101 and the CDP-701ES.
    The dimensions allow Sony to place the transformer and the heating dissipators inside the machine, which is new for this time (unlike Philips and Marantz for example).

    The unit has a fix and a variable output (remote controlled, with motorised pot), the buttons adopt a classical mechanism, but the feeling is very soft, 
    a BEEP switch appears on the back of the machine to allow or not a beep response to the remote controls.

    Aesthetically speaking, the design is a simple evolution of the first models, only few changes were made.

    Inside the machine, it looks like a very impressive machine.
    No left space, copper, solid laser unit, quality of build os there for sure.
    In fact, the main impression is that lots of engineers had lots of great quality components to put inside a tiny box, and managed to do that, taking care of accessibility,
    and building a machine lasting 100 years.

    This particular unit works perfectly, the only issue was the BEEP switch, that's now repaired. 
    Unfortunately, the remote control is not included, but it can be found online. There are of course some minor scratches on the top, but it's really well preserved.
    A long test period was done, and all the CD's tested were read perfectly.

    You're back in 1983 with the CDP-501ES, days where plastic was something to use if you couldn't use metal, everything is heavy, solid and well made.

    The serial number attests that this unit is one of the first thousands sold in Europe, we recommend a local pick-up, but the shipping can be done, we just don't take any responsability of any damage,
    that could be due to the transport.

  • Specs

    Disc format: CD

    Digital converter: CX20017

    CD Mechanism: KSS-100A

    Frequency response: 5Hz to 20kHz

    Dynamic range: 95dB

    Channel separation: 90dB

    Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%

    Line output: 2V

    Dimensions: 430 x 105 x 325mm

    Weight: 8.6kg

    Year: 1983





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