Mediator 22AF867

Mediator 22AF867


Electronic turntable from 1979.

  • Description

    Built in 1979, the Philips 22AF867 is a unit built in Holland.

    The design is advanced for this time, with LEDs, capacitive controls, plastic base, ... but it's in fact a semi automatic turntable, no automatic return, a unit you must interact with.

    Two separates pitch controls, one for each speed (33 & 45 RPM), one Stop button, a lever, that's all.

    Some scratches are present on the dust cover, and on the base, but it's in really good shape. 

    Installation of a new cartridge and a new belt is possible, cost is 100 CHF (Audio Technica cartridge and no cheap chinese belt).

    A good looking feature is the display of the stylus force when the arm is unlocked. A pure mechanical display that's cool to look at.

    We recommend a local pickup, but can ship worldwide (securely packed).





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