DeoxIT FN5S-2N

DeoxIT FN5S-2N


DeoxIT® Fader FN5 Spray


Adjustable Valve (L-M-H), quick dry – non drip, and safe on plastics!

40 g

  • Description

    Using Low-Med-High Adjustable Valve

    Applicator: Non-Flammable Spray, provides precise control and application of DeoxIT® Fader. Quick-Dry, Non-Drip Solvent.

    Formulation: 5% DeoxIT® Fader (active ingredient), 75% Solstice PF (carrier solvent), 20% propellant

    Use: Solvent evaporates quickly, providing precise control, no dripping and overspray. Is ideal for applying on delicate connectors and components on and in equipment.

    Metal and/or Plastic: Not sure if faders have plastic and/or metal components, we recommend using DeoxIT D-Series, Part No. D100S-2 (100% DeoxIT spray).





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