DeoxIT G5L-25CA

DeoxIT G5L-25CA


DeoxIT® Gold G5L

Needle Dispenser

5% solution

25 mL

  • Description

    Applicator: Precision Needle Dispenser, provides flushing action, applies 5% DeoxIT® Gold.

    Formulation: 5% DeoxIT® Gold, petroleum naphtha, 3M Novec 7100.

    Use: When contact and connector are easily accessible. Provides flushing action.

    Notes: Use sparingly on surfaces. When over spray is an issue, apply to lint-free cloth or swab and dab connections.. Formulation safe on plastics. After application, if you notice a green or black discoloration (sometimes over time), this indicates it is doing its job (dissolving oxidation) and improving the connection. Wipe off and re-apply DeoxIT®.






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