The Moody Blues - Octave

1972 was a great year for The Moody Blues. It's the year of their biggest success. The album "Seventh Sojourn" included "Nights in white satin", which is the most commercial known success of he band.

After such a good reception, The Moody Blues took some years to make a break and reform in 1977.

Octave is the 9th album, released in 1978. On this one, the keyboardist Mike Pinder made his last recording session with the band. He left during the session and declined the offer to be a part of the next tour, for personal reasons.

He was replaced by Yes keyboardist for the 1979 tour.

This album was also the last produced by Tony Clarke.

As usual, the band didn't care to be in one or another movement. They just wanted to be together, take the same care as for the other albums, to produce the best of their way of thinking and feeling the music.

Some of the songs were completely in the wrong direction for this time, but had a great success, like "I'm your man".

Released at the same time on LP, cassette and 8 tracks cartridge (which had the particularity to be arranged in the same order as the LP), it was launched worldwide.

Octave appeared on CD for the first time in 1986 and a second version was released in 2008 in the UK with more tracks.

Track list :

01.Steppin' In A Slide Zone

02.Under Moonshine

03.Had To Fall In Love

04.I'll Be Level With You


06.Top Rank Suite

07.I'm Your Man


09.One Step Into The Light

10.The Day We Meet Again


2008 edition :

11.Steppin' in a Slide Zone (Live in Seattle 25 May 1979) (Lodge) - 4:57

12.I'm Your Man (Live in Seattle 25 May 1979) (Thomas) - 4:51

13.Top Rank Suite (Live in Seattle 25 May 1979) (Hayward) - 4:28

14.Driftwood (Live in Seattle 25 May 1979) (Hayward) - 5:02

15.The Day We Meet Again (Live in Houston 7 December 1978) (Hayward) - 7:16

Members :

Graeme Edge: Vocals / Drums

John Lodge: Vocals / Bass / Keyboard

Justin Hayward: Vocals / Guitar / Keyboard

Mike Pinder: Vocals / Keyboard

Ray Thomas: Vocals / Flute, Harmonica, Tambourine

R.a. Martin: Guest / Saxophone, Brass

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