SADE - Diamond Life

Updated: May 3, 2020

Contrary to what many think, Sade is indeed a group.

It is composed of 4 people:

- Sade Adu (voice)

- Andrew Hale (Clavier)

- Stuart Matthewman (guitar, saxophone)

- Paul Denman (bass)

Helen Folasade Adu was born on January 16, 1959 in Niger to a Nigerian father and an English mother. She arrived in England after her parents divorced at the age of four.

She turned to fashion, studied in London, and her creations were worn by the Spandau Ballet group, which hired her as a stylist.

The pride group, in search of charisma, is seduced by the beauty of this model and offers her to go on stage. She ended up in the first group games with three of the other members by calling herself Sade and unveiling her "Smooth Operator".

She left the band with the other three members to form Sade in 1984.

With well thought out marketing, all the record companies want it and she chooses Epic Records which accesses all its queries, including the right to release as few songs as it wants, ...

In 6 weeks, the album "Diamond Life" was recorded at the Power Plant studio in London.

This first album was released on July 16, 1984 and the success was phenomenal from the beginning of its release. Seven months later, the success was the same when it was released in the USA.

This album is intended to be casual, the fastest songs have been discarded and the majority are about love or its absence.

The whole album is recorded live in the studio and, for most of the songs, at once.

"Your love is king" was the band's first song and the "Smooth operator" opened the album and remained their biggest hit.

"Hang on to your love" is faster and funky, the main theme remains very present throughout the album.

The closing track is a tribute to one of Sade Adu's favorite songs as a child, that of Timmy Thomas. All the others are written or co-written by Sade Adu.

The Suite, ...

The band went on tour and enjoyed success wherever they went. It didn't take long for Sade Adu to hate the fame that accompanied their success. The inaccurate articles about the group irritated her enormously. The group was classified as a typical representation of yuppie culture, which was increasing at the time and was used to describe fast, money-conscious and uncommitted entertainment. In truth, the group spent a lot of money (which it didn't have yet) on charities, including Arthur Scargill and striking miners.

On July 3, 1985, a year after their debut, Sade took to the stage of the English version of Live Aid, the world's largest charity event. Sade has enchanted billions of people around the world with its music and indescribable beauty. Remarkably, Sade Adu was the only stage artist who had real African blood in his veins.

At the end of 1985, the band released their second album, Promise, which was also a huge success. The biggest single on this album was The Sweetest Taboo. In 1988 the third album, Stronger Than Pride, was released, followed by Love Deluxe four years later. In 1994, the band released the compilation The Best Of Sade.

After eight years of silence, Sade's fifth album, Lovers Rock, was released in 2000. Once again, the turnover was huge and two Grammy Awards. After the tour, the band released their first live album, Lovers Live, in 2002.

And again, the band disappeared for another eight years. In early 2010, a new album, Soldier Of Love, was released. On tour, a second compilation was released in 2011, The Ultimate Collection. In 2012, the band's second live album, Bring Me Home - Live 2011, was released.

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