Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion

Updated: May 3, 2020

Pat Benatar signed his first contract with Chrysalis Records in 1979.

At that time, her artistic vision of rock was not in line with what was being done.

Her debut album, "In the heat of the night," was released by producer Mike Chapman, who did wonders with Blondie and others.

It's a success and the tour that follows is one too. The duo Benatar - Giraldo offers its audience performances worthy of a recognized band and the album quickly ranks in the charts.

The tour is not yet over when the record company contacts Pat Benatar to remind her of the terms of her contract, an album every 9 months, if not no payment...

Pat feels abused, regrets that nothing and no one is interested in her mental or physical condition, she feels she is serving only the interests of her record company, and by no means her own.

Chapman was replaced by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac and many others) to make this second album a triumph and anchor Pat in the rock world.

Released on August 5, 1980, recognition is on the agenda. It must be said that the opening track, "Treat me right" is of unfailing efficiency. A simple musical recipe, to which we add the voice of Benatar, capable of everything, it gives the desire to push the listening to the end and to be convinced.

The full album is a demonstration of what Pat Benatar is able to convey and deliver with his voice.

The singles follow one another and so do the hits. Until Kate Bush's revival, "Wuthering Heights," everything is excellent. In this piece we feel a taste of unfinished business, the work has certainly not been pushed enough to offer him a new life. The end of the album leaves an impression of shortness of breath, filling the side B. Seen the circumstances, we can understand.

More than 5 million copies sold, excellent world charts (2nd place in France, USA, Canada), 3 classified singles, this album recorded at the Sound City Studio in Los Angles marked the career of Pat Benatar and gave her all the legitimacy to continue her career. She won a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Performance and the all-new MTV channel looped "You better run" in 1981 (the second most-streamed music video of the year).

Side A

01. Treat Me Right

02. You Better Run (The Young Racsals cover)

03. Never Wanna Leave You

04. Hit Me With Your Best Shot

05th Hell Is For Children

Side B

06th Little Paradise

07. I' M Gonna Follow You

08. Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush cover)

09th Prisoner Of Love

10. Out-a-touch

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