Dire Straits - Love over Gold

Updated: May 3, 2020

Dire Straits' fourth album, "Love over Gold" was released on September 20, 1982 on Vertigo Records and Warner Bros. Records in the USA. It was a success in various countries and was crowned with the 14-minute song "Telegraph Road" and was a demonstration of Knopfler's genius. This painting of the American world, with its dreams, successes and disillusions, highlights the instrument while maintaining the dialogue between the different musicians. With its majestic solos, "Telegraph Road" is an endless piece that never tires of its construction and narration are perfect. The entire album is an ode to the different instruments. The whole orchestration is conducted to make everyone appear in the most beautiful way. The sounds are precise, warm and leave a captivating impression. The recording made in New York at the Power Station studio between March and June 1982, this album was produced by Mark Knolpfler who used no less than 10 guitars during the session to color the songs. While the fashion of the moment is simple, short and easy pieces, Love over Gold appears as a UFO in the musical landscape. Dire Straits manages to put listening back on top of the rest. To appreciate it, you have to listen to it, not hear it. Often classified in the "Progressive Rock" category, it is nevertheless a classic, highlighting the harmony between the musicians (sometimes fictional, as with the drummer who will leave the band before the tour, no longer recognizing himself in this new rhythm). Dire Straits becomes an icon, daring to highlight formats, instrumental mixes like no other band of the moment, daring to impose his vision of music by mixing several origins. It became a successful band, which led some of its audience to no longer admit to listening to them. At the same time, their audacity and mastery led Philips to take an interest in them to promote the launch of the CD, because Dire Straits brings together several styles on a single track. Love over Gold was released in LP and cassette, but was soon released on CD (from 1983 in Germany) and was remastered in 1996.

1. "Telegraph Road" 14:17

2. "Private Investigations" 6:47

3. "Industrial Disease" 5:50

4. "Love over Gold" 6:18

5. "It Never Rains" 8:00

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